TRG comment on Government action to promote LGBT equality


24th Jul 2017

Commenting on the reaction to the Government’s new LGBT+ reforms, Flora Coleman, Deputy Chairman of the Tory Reform Group said:

“The consultation proposed by Justine Greening over the weekend is an important step forward for the rights of transgender people. This journey has not, and will not, be easy but it can only be right that people are able to love and live how they choose. Coupled with reforms of blood donor rules, and the launch of a nationwide LGBT survey this demonstrates the Conservative Party’s commitment to equality in all aspects of life.

“As the party which introduced same sex marriage, the Conservatives have a great deal to be proud of as the party has modernised and led the way in Britain. Many party members not only welcome these reforms but welcome the signs from Number 10 that liberal One Nation Conservatism is at the heart of this Government’s agenda.”

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Christopher Darby

Homophobic attacks continue on gay and lesbian citizens, schools still tolerate bullying of lgbtqi pupils. There’s a lot to do and so this is welcome