TRG Reshuffle: New Team for 2018

Owen Meredith

10th January 2018

Last night the TRG Board had its January meeting. Rather topically, we had a mini-reshuffle of our own, with a number of Board members retiring and three newbies joining us. Read more

It’s time to do care differently

Independent Age

9th November 2017

Recent research by Independent Age has shown the scale of the problem that we as a society face. In some Local Authorities, for example across the North East of England, Read more

Big Policy and the rise of the demagogues

Thomas Lassey

17th October 2017

The rise of populism and the fashion for demagogues is a much chewed over topic in our press in recent times.  From Farage, through Trump, to Corbyn, leaders offering quick Read more

Compassion, Centrism, and the Campaign Trail

Flora Coleman & Nicky Morgan MP

10th October 2017

Yes, Manchester will be a memorable conference for us Conservatives for a host of reasons but behind the headlines and speeches in the auditorium, it was in the fringe events Read more