Responding to the Prime Minister’s Brexit Plan


10th Feb 2017

Last month the Prime Minister set out her objectives for the Brexit negotiations in a speech at Lancaster House. That plan has been crystallised in a Government White Paper, and the House of Commons has now approved the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill.

The Tory Reform Group welcomes the clarity with which the Prime Minister has set out her objectives, the 12 pillars that will form the framework of those negotiations, and the democratic response of our elected parliamentarians.

These negotiations will have a lasting impact on generations to come and are critical to ensuring a mutually beneficial future relationship with our European neighbours. The TRG believes that Britain must maintain a strong collaborative relationship with the EU, enhancing our common goals, boosting cross-border trade, maintaining enduring peace in Europe, and protecting and promoting human rights. To ensure our nation’s future prosperity, we must also be free to develop new trading relationships with partners around the world. Britain post-Brexit must be a modern, internationalist, outward-looking country, leading on the world stage.

We therefore welcome Mrs May’s commitment that in implementing the decision of the British people, this Government will not turn inward and retreat from the world, stating “Britain’s history and culture is profoundly internationalist. We are a European country – and proud of our shared European heritage – but we are also a country that has always looked beyond Europe to the wider world.” TRG believes the UK is strongest when leading in the world, and taking our place on a global stage to promote and encourage free trade and the exchange of culture and values around the globe. It is this internationalism that binds nations together and will allow us to face and succeed in our shared challenges; be they in tackling international terrorism, fighting climate change, or developing global prosperity, working with international partners in the EU and beyond is critical to our very existence in the decades to come. 

In delivering Brexit, the Prime Minister is right to seek close cooperation with the EU and our closest allies across Europe – recognising that trade and engagement on security and human rights are vital for this country’s future prosperity and well-being; but also for close cooperation with the rest of the world.

In setting out the 12 pillars of her negotiating policy, the Prime Minister has made clear her vision for a thriving post-Brexit Britain. This is a plan which we welcome as the foundations on which we can build a strong, open and fair economy that works for everyone.

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