Membership Offer: Join TRG For Just £20


18th Jul 2018

At the Summer Party last week, the TRG launched a new membership drive, with a special offer for supporters living and working outside of London to join for just £20.

The TRG has been at the heart of Conservative thinking for over four decades and championed the compassionate, One Nation Conservatism that not only wins elections, but puts Conservative values into practice to improve the lives of people across our  country.

Launching the membership offer TRG Chairman, Owen Meredith, said:

“When I was elected as National Chairman last year, I spoke about the need for our party to renew, re-energise and refocus after a bruising election campaign. It is important that our party seeks to heal divides and bring people together around the common values that unite us.

“It is vital for the future of our country that the Conservative Party is more than just the Brexit party – that is why our focus in the TRG has been, and continues to be, on the domestic agenda looking to the values and ideas that can bring our country together and build a new winning coalition of voters.

“The TRG exists not only to campaign for the sensible, pragmatic Conservatism we have come to call ‘One Nation’ but also to give a voice in the Party for the millions of voters in our country who turn to the Conservatives and trust us to do right by the country.

“We must continue to build our presence and ensure we remain the largest membership group within our party, anchoring the party to the election winning centre-ground. That is why the TRG has launched a new membership programme to expand and build our network across the country.”

The group also announced the return our ever-popular £1 membership deal for fresher students this autumn as well as a new reduced membership fee of just £20 which will be trailed until the end of the year, starting with those living and working outside the capital.

All members benefit from:

  • Network of like-minded Conservatives to share and develop policy ideas
  • Reduced ticket prices and priority booking for all TRG events
  • Supporting the work of the TRG as the voice of One Nation Conservatives
  • Supporting campaigning for TRG MPs and Candidates
  • Discounted tickets for policy suppers with leading MPs (normally monthly)
  • Discounted tickets for the bi-annual One Nation conference
  • Discounted tickets for the Summer and Christmas receptions
  • TRG network events in Wales and Scotland
  • Free to attend TRG Student Network Events
  • Receiving our TRG policy papers, pamphlets and newsletters
  • Opportunity to write for the TRG Blog
  • Free entry to the TRG President’s midnight reception at Party Conference
  • And much more…

Join today for just £20, using the code “onenation” at checkout.

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So I have a few questions to ask.

1. What do you plan on reforming within the Conservative Party?

2. How do you plan to influence your party into your way of thinking?

3. Could you please leave an example of a policy or pledge you would like to see implemented that could benefit the nation?

4. For those who maybe at a basic level of politics who visit this page for more info. Where would your ideal policies place you in the political spectrum? I. E more to the right or more center leaning?

Many thanks