Launching the second New Blue Book – The Emerging Leaders Edition

Ben Roback

16th Feb 2018

In November 2017, we launched the first New Blue Book. Nine authors contributed chapters on their chosen policy subject, after accruing years – and in some cases decades – of expertise in their fields. It laid down a marker for the New Blue Book project as a platform for big ideas and new policy proposals from the centre-right.

Remainer or Leaver, it didn’t matter – this was a chance to talk about anything but Brexit. Because the country moves on, and while some voters will obsess over the type of Brexit the Government delivers, others will return to the kitchen table politics that usually swing elections. Housing supply, wage growth, healthcare provision, personal and professional opportunity, childcare, veteran’s affairs, national security – it is a long list on which Brexit features but does not dominate.

And so to build on the success of the first edition, next week we will launch a second edition – the Emerging Leaders Edition. Containing ten chapters written by a diverse group of young emerging leaders on the centre-right, the second New Blue Book is a chance for a crop of rising stars to identify problems and propose policy solutions.

Being complacent while in Government is perhaps the worst mistake any political party can make. Second to that is having an identity crisis and forgetting the reasons why voters sent you into government in the first place. An unnamed Government Minister suggesting that “we need some time in opposition to regroup” does not help the Conservative cause now or the nation this Government was elected to serve (with the help of the DUP).

Our second New Blue Book gives a platform for new policy ideas and proposals, directly challenging the notion that the Government and the Party has lost its way. The party membership and grass roots are stacked with talent, brimming with ideas and ready to be more involved. The Emerging Leaders Edition of the New Blue Book is proof of just that.

Looking ahead, the project has a bright future. In autumn 2018 we will launch a third edition with chapters from Conservative MPs. A blog section will go live in tandem with the Emerging Leaders Edition, featuring regular content from a broad range of contributors. If you feel like you have something to say and want a platform on which to say it, get in touch.





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