Key People

Callum Laidlaw

TRG Scotland, Chairman

Based in Edinburgh, Callum was appointed TRG Chair for Scotland in 2016.

A graduate in International Relations from the University of St Andrews, Callum spent nearly a decade in London where he was involved in grassroots politics as Ward Chairman in Parsons Green in Chelsea and Fulham.

Callum returned to Scotland in 2014 to campaign for a No vote in the Scottish Independence Referendum and stood in the 2016 Scottish Parliamentary elections as the Scottish Conservative and Unionist candidate for Falkirk East. Callum achieved an 11% Conservative swing in, contributing to the near doubling of the Tory presence at Holyrood.

An approved candidate for the 2017 Scottish local elections, he is now looking for a ward in the City of Edinburgh, where he was born and grew up.

Outside of politics, Callum works as a consultant for a financial and corporate communications firm, advising international clients on reputation and issues management.