Freshers Go Free…


23rd Sep 2016

Well… nearly. With Student Membership for just £1 this October, there’s never been a better time to join.

As the natural home of One Nation Conservatives, the TRG has a long and proud history of speaking up for a modern, socially liberal country pursuing a market oriented agenda that works for everyone – no matter what your background. We are delighted that Theresa May made that message the centre of her pitch for the top job, and will continue to govern in the One Nation tradition. But there is lots more work for us to do to further that One Nation voice, both in our party, and in our country. 

Just type in the discount code ‘freshers’ at checkout to get membership for £1 today.

Benefits of TRG membership include:

  • Reduced ticket prices and priority booking for all TRG events
  • Supporting the work of the TRG as the voice of One Nation Conservatives
  • Receiving our TRG policy papers, pamphlets and newsletters
  • Supporting campaigning for TRG MPs and Candidates
  • Discounted tickets for policy suppers with leading MPs (normally monthly)
  • Discounted tickets for the One Nation conference
  • Discounted tickets for the Summer and Christmas receptions
  • TRG network events in Wales and Scotland
  • Free entry to the TRG President’s midnight reception at Party Conference
  • And much more…


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