CALL FOR EVIDENCE: Radical New Approach to Housing Policy


3rd Aug 2016

The Tory Reform Group (TRG) has launched a public call for evidence seeking innovative policy proposals to address the two-fold challenge of availability and affordability of homes to rent and buy. The call forms part of a year-long focus on housing policy, launched at the organisation’s AGM in London on Tuesday.

TRG National Chairman, David Fazakerley, said:

Rents are rising, home ownership is falling, and too many households are spending more than half their income on housing costs. A series of very welcome government initiatives have been launched to help people buy their first home, but there is undoubtedly more radical thinking needed to address the long-term crisis. The TRG is seeking evidence to help the Conservative Government continue stepping up to that challenge.”

The call comes as latest reports show average UK house prices have jumped by 8.1% in the past year to reach a new record high of £211,000, nearly 8 times the average UK salary. House prices in London increased 14.5% in the last year, with an average property price of £472,000.

Mr Fazakerely added:

“We are on an unsustainable path and need to think outside the box to begin turning things around. As a voluntary group, we draw on expertise from within the conservative family and from across the political spectrum to deliver a One Nation agenda in Government and I hope organisations and individuals with policy expertise will respond to this call and help shape our output over the coming year.”

The TRG was formed 41 years ago as the home of One Nation thinking within the Conservative Party, promoting policies which deliver a modern, socially liberal country pursuing a market oriented agenda that works for everyone, regardless of background.

Deputy Chairman, Owen Meredith, who is leading the evidence call said:

Undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges of our generation is a housing crisis that risks leaving too many people without a decent, affordable home. Without action that will be the political legacy for generations to come. We need to be creative and think the unthinkable in search for meaningful solutions.

“Our call for evidence is not about apportioning blame, or analysing how we got here. Instead, we are seeking evidence from people and organisations from across the political spectrum to facilitate debate and offer practical solutions to deliver affordable home ownership, decent rental accommodation and a sustainable housing market fit for the 21st century.”

Organisation, or individuals, wishing to submit to the call for evidence should email, with the first stage of the evidence call closing on September 30th 2016.


Responding to the Call for Evidence

We encourage responses from organisations and individuals. We welcome responses with concise and to the point recommendations, linking to supporting evidence, and we may follow up for more detail where appropriate.

Please submit responses to by September 30th. Alternatively, if you would prefer to post your responses, please send to:

Housing Policy Submissions
83 Victoria Street
London SW1H 0HW


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Brian Corbett
House building is rationed by the State As such, like in anything that has ever been rationed, anywhere, it drives up prices, lowers quality and creates a black market and promotes corruption. The answer is simple – repeal the Planning Laws and allow builders to put up wheat they like, where they like (AoONB and National parks excepted) Result? Only decent, desirable housing will sell, so only such housing will be built. With no large premium on land with Planning Permission, all houses will drop in value (thus creating millions more ‘affordable homes’ almost overnight and farmland will be valued… Read more »
Jim Wedgbury

We haven’t got a housing crisis we have a population crisis the reality is that mass immigration has swamped the country with people we are a small island that is already overpopulated and we can not allow a continual rise in population it’s time we stopped the population rising .
Control the population and you solve the housing problem it’s not rocket science


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Angela M Cavill-Burch

Do not forget the disabled in your deliberations , we are suffering big time out here in our communities.